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Menstrual Cups,Moon Cup Menstrual Cup Best,Menstrual Cup Disposable-Menstrual Cup Low Cervix Set of 2 with Free Sterile Gloves

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★FEMALE ANGEL COMPLETE 7 PIECE SET -- Comes with 2 imported silicone ( 100 %) menstrual cups(1Large and 1 small), 4 piece sterile gloves, and 1 red carry-bag. You will always be prepared.As a guardian angel, you will say goodbye to discomfort.★DISCOVER YOUR PERIOD CONFIDENCE —Period Confidence? It exists! The menstrual cup best is a reusable menstrual cup that collects, rather than absorbs menstrual flow. The menstrual cup high cervix offers up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, is easy-to-use, odor-free, super comfortable and saves you money.★100% QUALITY IS OUR CURTURE -- What you use to care for your period matters. The menstrual cup blossom is manufactured in CHINA and made of 100% healthcare grade silicone, free of plastics, BPA and dyes. Due to its composition, The menstrual cup for low cervix will not dry out the vaginal canal or leave trace residue. Does this make you want to give it a try?★100% BODY-SAFE & 100% Waterproof -- Do not be fooled by cheap imitation cups. Choose the Authentic Original Navceker Cups. Small Size - Suitable for women who have not given birth, or who have had a c-section. FDA Registered.★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE--- Our moon menstrual cup is your best choice.Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit,If for any reason you don't love it, simply send it back. We shall provide you with a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.

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Size:1 Small & 1 Large
**Full 7 Piece Menstrual Cup Set**
Your Naverker kit comes with 2 NavcekerCups,4 piece sterile gloves & 1 red carry-bag. 2 menstrual cup best allows you to change cups, wash the used cup, dry it and store it easily, quickly and discreetly. menstrual cup low cervix makes it the perfect kit for both home, travel and out to use in public bathrooms.
**Easy On Your Wallet & The Environment**
will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and help to minimize impact on the environment compared to using pads and tampons.
**Safe & Soft**
menstrual cup blossom are made from 100% medical grade silicone. Our silicone is soft and comfortable making sure you can go about your day without thinking about your period
**Don’t Let Your Period Stop You**
With your moon cup you can swim, sleep, run, jump, dance, shower, go to the bathroom and do just about anything you normally do. Simply put, menstrual cups are the best and most convenient option for you to keep your life going as smoothly as possible no matter what time of the month it is.
**2 Great Sizes**
Choose from small or large sizes. Small is recommended if you are a younger lady or if you have a light to medium flow. Large is recommended if you have a heavier flow, if you are aged over 30 or if you have given birth to a beautiful boy or girl
**Satisfaction Guarantee**
All Navceker products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do not absolutely love your menstrual cup, just send it back and you will be refunded no questions asked.
What our customers are saying about the Navceker Cup!
>It is so soft that I literally forget I am on my period, and go about my day’s activities. Highly recommended!
> I LOVE this menstrual cup. I actually enjoy having my period now.Better than pads or tampons anymore.
> Navceker cup beats the all other Cups hands down! The price is more affordable than the other brands.

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