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Anytime Menstrual Cups Set of 2 with Carry Bags - Feminine Hygiene Protection - Small & Large - Natural Alternative for Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

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100% Body Safe Menstrual Cups - Medical grade silicone, BPA free FDA approved. Never use rubber or plastic. Safe,reusable,long-lasting, not harmful.Every production steps has been checked to ensure safety. 3 times testing to prevent any leakage or damages.Two Period Cup Size Available - small size is for women who had Caesarean section less than 30 years old; who never use the built-in hygiene products before. Large size is for women who was natural childbirth over 30 years old; who already used the built-in hygiene products. (Not Recommend for Virgin)Cost Effective & Eco-Friendly - No more tampons pads or sanitary napkins to end up as landfill; 1 menstruating cup equals to 22 tampons per cycle; easy to clean by boiled water. Good for you, your wallet, and the planet.Perfect Fit for All Lifestyles - running,swimming,jogging,biking,dancing,yoga or sleeping; Active or inactive all ages can wear this cup overnight. High recommend for draining out by every 2 hours at the beginning days and every 4 hours in the following days. Never let a period hold you back again!100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you have any issue, we will fix it - If you don’t like our product, we will refund it - And if you get your cup and feel it is the wrong size we will replace it! That is our commitment to you.

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Product Description

Medical Grade Silicone Feminine Cups 
No matter you are a runner, swimmer, jumper, jogger or hiker, our cups will fit into your life, not the other way around.
There are two sizes available. Small and Large. There is a small difference between the two sizes. Small is with 42mm cup caliber. Large is with 45mm cup caliber. You do not need worry about size optional. Because you will get 2 size cups by only one unit price.

Brand: Anytime
Life Cycle: 5-10 Years,recommend replacing new unit by every 2-3 years
Usage: feminine care product
Package includes: two silicone menstrual cup,carry bag,user manual

How to clean the cups?
Put it into the boiled water for few seconds. Because cups has been sterilized well before sold out.

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