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Reusable Soft Silicone Menstrual Period Cup – 12-Hour Odor & Leak-Proof Protection – Eco-Friendly Feminine Cup – Free from Chemicals – Safe, Gentle & Non-Toxic – Includes Cup Holder & Instructions

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PERIODS ARE AWESOME AGAIN — Aunt Flo comes for a visit every month and you are up in armor against her with chemical-filled pads & tampons that do more harm than good — fall in love with your cycle with our EASY TO USE menstrual cup which ensures FUSS-FREE periods – not an annoyance anymore!HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE — Made with the highest-quality and FDA-approved medical grade silicone, our period cup is free from harmful dioxins/bleach/other chemicals, resistant to microbial growth, extremely soft to touch, ultra-gentle on your extra-sensitive lady bits and non-sticky — BEST menstrual cup are available in choice of 4 lovely colors, and come along with a holder & instructions!GOOD FOR MOTHER EARTH — Sanitary napkins take up to 500-800 years to degrade, whereas tampons clog the waterways filling them with toxic germs — our reusable vaginal cup can be used for up to 10 years with proper care, leaving behind minimal carbon footprint and reducing waste generation in the long run.SUPER-ABSORBENT & VERSATILE — Women are often conscious of staining or changing their tampon every few hours — our 12-hour odor & leak-resistant feminine cup holds twice as much as a super-plus tampon, thereby eliminating the need to be worried and giving you all the freedom to run, hop, skip, jump or swim — have all the fun with our soft menstrual cup!EASY TO USE & BUDGET FRIENDLY — Shelling out your precious dollars every month while breaking out in cold sweat will no longer be a problem — cheaper than most premium hygiene products, our reusable menstrual cup is a long-term investment, while it's easy to use feature is a mega win — HASSLE-FREE silicone menstrual cup!

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Product Description

Why speak in hushed tones, hide your hygiene products or give up on your favorite activities on those-shall-not-be-named days? 

Have all the fun and enjoy your periods with our thoughtful reusable menstrual cup!


-Periods occur when the endometrial lining along with the unfertilized egg is shed from the uterus in the absence of a pregnancy. 
-The most common feminine hygiene products used during these 3-7 days are sanitary napkins and tampons. Both of which are laden with harmful chemicals like dioxins/bleach and can aid in the growth of dangerous microbes within the vagina.
-The menstrual cup is a clean, easy, eco & body-friendly way to tackle periods!
-Made with the highest-quality & FDA-approved medical-grade silicone, period cups are safe, non-toxic, non-sticky, soft and gentle to use.
-Unlike pads and tampons that pose a serious threat to our environment, menstrual cups can be used for 10 years, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and waste generation.
-Budget-friendly feminine hygiene option — buy once and keep using! 
-12-hour LEAK & ODOR-PROOF protection, and holds twice as much as a super-plus tampon — stop worrying about stains or finding the bathroom to change!
-Available in four quirky and cool color choices (tantalizing teal, peppy purple, wholesome white and pretty pink) to suit all personal styles!
-Packaged with a beautiful cup holder for on the go use!
-Easy to use menstrual cup comes with a specially curated set of instructions for stress-free application.
-Makes an amazing gift for all the lovely ladies in your life for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and more!

So many benefits! Why think twice? ORDER NOW & Get our Menstrual Cup for Smart Management of Periods.

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