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Number 1 for Most Active Period Cup - Every Menstrual Cup One is Given to a Woman in Need! (Small)

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✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are not happy with your Pixie Cup, simply contact us for your money back! 🔥🔥🔥✅ BPA-FREE! Made with FDA approved medical-grade silicone; Pixie Cups are reusable for YEARS!✅ ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! It replaces tampons, pads and it is made from body safe dyes and recyclable materials. 💚💚✅ EASY to follow detailed instructions with images and graphs for simplicity.✅Our Mission: Empower Others 💚Give Back 💚 Live Free

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Product Description

Get ready, because we’re starting off BIG.

Our goal is to get a Pixie Cup in the hands of every woman on the planet. *Insert mad cheers and clapping.*

You’re probably thinking, “Umm, guys that’s really cool… but what IS a Pixie Cup?”


Dear friend, meet the Pixie Cup.

The Pixie Cup is a reusable, silicone cup that collects your menstrual flow. (Don’t get weirded out yet. We promise, this cup really works!!)

The rim of the cup creates a seal around your vaginal walls, providing up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. Crazy, right?!

Designed to last for 10 years, the Pixie Cup is an affordable and environmentally sustainable alternative to pads and tampons.

pixie cup

Is there a Pixie Cup in the hands of every woman on the planet?

Not yet.

But if you get a Pixie Cup, there will be another girl in the world that has one too. All because YOU chose to stand up and take back your period.

The Pixie Cup is not just a product. It’s a way for women around the world to support each other as we all work towards a cleaner planet and a brighter future for everyone.

Buy One Give One Pixie Cup

It’s easy to take menstrual products for granted.

For some women, menstrual products are scarce, but periods are universal.

When you buy a Pixie Cup, we give a second cup to a woman in need. Pixie Cups are the perfect solution for women worldwide who have financial, sanitary, or restroom accessibility needs!

Pixie Cup is more than just a product. It's a lifestyle of empowering others, giving back, and living free.

Your purchase gives period freedom to TWO, for the cost of ONE.

Pixie Cup Products

The Pixie Cup can be reused over and over for 10 years, making it far more sustainable than tampons or traditional pads.

It saves approximately 8,000 tampons per woman per lifetime (or about 275lbs of waste!!!!).

The Pixie Cup is affordable and cost-effective, saving you around thousands in pads, tampons, and other sanitary products over a lifetime!

Our cup offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, making it the most convenient period product on the market.

If you’re still not convinced, think about this: with the Pixie Cup, you won’t be exposing your body to the toxins, bleach, and TSS risk associated with tampons and pads.

Last, but certainly not least, the Pixie Cup is a feel-good choice too. For every Pixie Cup purchased, another cup is given away to a woman in need.

For some women, a menstrual cup can be the difference between sitting for a week on the dirt floor of her home and being able to attend school and work.

Your Pixie Cup purchase is the reason someone else will be able to live in period freedom.

pixie cup

Maybe you’re worried about messes or unsure how to use a Pixie Cup in public bathrooms.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, in more ways than one!

We are dedicated to making sure you know how to avoid leak and survive public restrooms.

Sometimes the most uncomfortable changes end up bringing the most freedom and joy.

Think about the first time you learned to drive or ride a bike. It wasn’t easy (and there may have been a bump or two along the way), but soon enough these new tools were second nature, giving you a whole new level of freedom.

Emptying a silicone cup isn’t much different than pulling out a tampon.

And we can tell you from personal experience that the Pixie Cup is life changing.

Why not give it a try?



“Empower people, give back to others, and live in freedom? I’M IN!”

Raise your hand if you can get on board with that mission!

Here at Pixie Cup, we don’t just talk about our mission. We live it.

We empower others to succeed by encouraging every girl to try new things, crush her boundaries, and step out in confidence! We give back to our communities by giving a cup to a woman in need for EVERY Pixie Cup that is purchased. We live free by talking about our periods, dreaming big, and using those Pixie Cups to swim, work, run, and compete just like we do every other day of the year!

If that’s a mission you can get on board with, then we invite you to join our family. Because we won’t rest until we get a Pixie Cup in the hand of EVERY woman on the planet.

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