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CaliCup Menstrual Cup with Bonus Menstrual Cup Holder - Carrying Bag - Regular To Heavy Menstrual Flow, Reusable Menstrual Cup - Large - Soft Comfort Fit

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Promote Your Health with Ultra Soft Calicup: The Most effective, affordable, non-toxic cup on the market. Comes with a bonus bag for discreet carrying and careful protection. Collect your flow the natural way for easy disposal at your convenience. Reduced Cramping! No more chemicals inside your body.Easy to Use and Safe: Calicup has worked hard to produce the softest cup available through innovative use of material thickness and higher quality, ultra soft medical-grade silicone. We have made our cup easier to insert and take out with our FORM-FIT rim. So Soft - you won’t even know it’s there. So Secure - you'll never have to worry about a leak again! Check out our pictures to see why CALICUP is your best choice for your cycle!Save your money while saving the environment with the Calicup: Save on average $80-$120 per year from traditional pads and tampons and with a lifespan of up to 15 years. You can save thousands with one single CaliCup. We value our customers and are proud to offer one of the softest cups on the market for an outstanding price!No more embarrasment with the bonus bag: CaliCup can be worn for up to 12 hours! Be FREE of carrying tampons or pads wherever you go. No risk of an embarrassing moment. Free BONUS BAG with every Calicup purchase. Empty in the comfort of your own home when YOU want. All this and ECO friendly too! Help save the earth by reducing a portion of the 20 BILLION tampons and pads that enter the landfills just in North America each year!Perfect for handling those red days like a true lady.

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