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Most of us women dread the monthly visitor from mother nature and almost all of us have had moments when we’ve rushed to the store to get pads, asked our friends/classmates/ colleagues for a tampon or sneaked in a pad or tampon up our sleeve and fast-walked to the bathroom.
Some of us, however, have decided to heed to the current trend and try out menstrual cups while some of us can’t help but feel strange about the idea of a silicon cup taking the place of a tampon or a pad.
If you’re not too sure about this new product that’s entered the market, then here’s our simplified version of a definition. A menstrual cup is a soft, medical-grade silicone cup. This can be used like a tampon and collects menstrual blood rather than soaking it up. It can then be washed under running water and reused.
Whether you’re a fan or a skeptic of the new trend, there are a significant number of people who’re turning to these menstrual cups today and we’ve found out why.

1. They’re Eco-Friendly
Here’s a few numbers to boggle your mind. Each one of us end up being responsible for at-least 17,000 tampons and pads that eventually take 500-800 years to decompose. All of this waste ends up in landfills. Needless to point out, pads and tampons aren’t re-usable. Menstrual cups, meanwhile are reusable and can simply be soaked in hot water to sterilize.

2. They’re Cheaper
More numbers to add to this revelation include the amount we spend on tampons and pads, which are approximately Rs 80,000 by the time we’re hit with menopause. With the rates of these not up for subsidies anytime soon, most of us are looking at a considerable chunk of our paychecks going towards these expenses. On the other hand, menstrual cups are a one-time purchase and don’t need to be changed until a year. Some sources claim that, if used right, they can last for upto 10 years!

3. They’re Fuss-Free
Imagine not having to head out the door every month to get your supply of menstrual essentials, not having to find space in your travel bag for these and not having to find ways to dispose your pad/tampon when you’re on a trip or at a stranger’s place. Better yet, imagine not having to change your tampon and pad every 5 hours. That’s the luxury that a cup provides to you.

4. They’re Safer
You read it right, menstrual cups are safer than both pads and tampons. The latter two are associated with cancer – cervical, breast, ovarian, bladder, uterine. Not to mention other side effects like rashes, infections and the ever-scary, Toxic Shock Syndrome. Cups don’t have any of these side effects.

5. They Are Not Loaded With Chemicals
Tampons have synthetic fibers and harbours toxins that the vaginal mucus absorbs. Even in the case of cotton tampons-once inserted the tampons cause miniscule vaginal tears that then become breeding grounds for toxins. They also have something called dioxin, by products of cotton bleaching, which are environmental pollutants that get absorbed by the vagina and go directly into our bloodstream. Similarly pads have pesticides and herbicides that harm our bodies. Cups meanwhile are all natural.